Simplicity. Authenticity. Quality.

The world is filled with noise. Loud voices, gaudy images, and overwhelming streams of data drown us every day.

In a culture that defaults to the easy path of


the most compelling message is


 The most powerful connections made are those with depth and intentionality. Finding the essence of your vision and communicating that core message effectively will draw people in a powerful way.

About Me

My Story

My name is Caleb Timmerman. The Silver Banner was born from a passion for photography and a love for helping others find the best way to tell their story. With a degree in marketing and psychology, I know that the first step to a powerful story is understanding. Whether it's a photoshoot or helping you develop your online presence, my first step is always making sure I know your story. There is no template to photography or business, which is why it's important to tailor the most impactful way to share your vision.

I discovered my love of photography through my obsession with the outdoors. I feel more at home in the mountains and oceans than I do at a desk. Rock climbing and backpacking allowed me to be inspired by vast open spaces and develop a love for adventure. My heroes are those who foster a love for nature and pursue the unknown and wild places of our world.